Sensor Maintenance

Our sensor maintenance personnel are certified, trained and highly-experienced in organizational and intermediate level maintenance on several sensor packages. They maintain, repair, and inspect avionics equipment to include Infrared Detectors, Closed Circuit & Low Light Level TV, Optical Cameras, Laser Designators, and associated equipment. Our extensive intermediate-level maintenance capability helps ensure the customer’s limited sensor assets remain operational and mission ready for both CONUS and OCONUS missions.

At Merlin Global Services, we understand the vital role maintenance plays in any aviation mission and we offer the best sensor mechanics, avionics specialists, A&P Mechanics, and Weapons Loaders in the business. Our expertise includes:

  • Organizational and Intermediate level maintenance of Wescam MX-15/20/25, Raytheon MTS-A/B, and various FLIR Systems products

  • Complete mission package experience from target acquisition systems through weapons delivery

  • Depot-level oversight and disposition of UAV Sensor, Avionics and A&P equipment

  • Mission Training Device (Simulator) maintenance and Instruction

  • Maintenance and Flight Manual Review experience and capability

Value Proposition

Merlin Global Services is the one-stop-shop for all your sensor package maintenance needs. We ensure the success of our customers and mission partners by keeping critical systems on target and operational anytime, anywhere in the world.