Flight Operations

Merlin Global Services provides unique, end-to-end operational services for both manned and unmanned ISR systems. We are qualified to operate, train, test, maintain and deploy multiple systems across various size classes. Our expertise and experience has exceptional breadth and depth, to include:

  • Recent, relevant performance and experience supporting deployed UAS flight operations

  • Pilots, sensor operators, ground station personnel, and launch and recovery teams for critical manned & unmanned ISR missions

  • Tailored operational services to special agencies and operators, both CONUS and in austere, international environments

  • Versatile expertise in mission planning, flight scheduling, and operations centers

  • Leading edge, developmental UAS support, including technical integration, functional check pilots, inspection authorities and weapons experts

  • Flight Operations support to foreign military sales manned ISR programs

Value Proposition

Let Merlin Global Services be your flight operations specialist. We will tailor a solution to fit your needs, provide concept of operations expertise, and shape requirements and capabilities into executable plans. We are your one-stop shop to operate, maintain, and deploy any ISR platform, regardless of size, mission or geography.